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Blog Reboot. Playing with Arduino

This blog has been down for a while so I thought i’d give it a re-boot.

I have over the last year or so taken a job in the robotics industry.  As such I”m going to be spending much more time here posting about my endevours into robotics, conferences, papers, new technologies etc.

I’ll start with my latest venture into the world of Arduino.

For those of you who are unaware of what Arduino is, its a open source chipset used for automation projects.  It comes with a language that is very much like C++.

Alot of the robotics I program/ work with and design for pharma industry are built on C# languages and have a different kind of purpose.

As such this should prove to be a fun forum to report on and display various ardunio projects I am currently building for my own hobby.




i-Limb: Lend A Hand (Artificial hands and arms)

Today’s post is about the artificial hand the i-limb.  This product has become so lifelike its amazing. People are now able to control the limb almost as though it were the real deal, with far less wires and far less problems.  Also the hands articulation is top notch allowing for all sorts of normal movements that previous claw type artificial limbs could only dream of achieving.  This product is incredibly expensive however, and as far as I’ve found is basically limited to military uses.  I did read that the limb had to be toned down due to it being far to strong.  Pretty cool eh?  The company that makes it is Touch Bionics which looks like its based out of Spain,  I have added their website to the links on the side mostly just cause its so awesome.  Check out some videos of this thing in action!!! Also their living skin products are amazing as well.  The stuff of sci-fi movies come to life, this company is far ahead in cutting edge technology. Read the rest of this entry