HIV infection and the European Defense

A group of biologists at the University of Liverpool may have discovered the reason why as many as 10% of Europeans exhibit a natural resistance to HIV.
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Welcome Ryan Shelby “Fictionism” To the Alchemist

Everyone.  We have a new author, Ryan Shelby who will be joining our team and providing you with some interseting posts.  His credentials are below:

Ryan Shelby
Ph.D in Cognitive Science (UCSC)
B.S. In Cognitive Science (UCSD)

Ryan designs UIs and herds cats at FileMaker, Inc. He has studied epistemic priming, distributed cognition, and statistical modeling. His dissertation spent 5 weeks at the top of the New York Times’ bestsellers chart. He occasionally teaches classes in statistics, perception, and exaggeration.

The Balancing Act of Sleep

Feeling well-slept is far more difficult than it should be, and the reasons are obvious: School keeps us up late, work drags us in early, and every other worthwhile endeavor’s limited to whatever single-digit sum of free time that the calendar’s balance sheet dictates. Sleep is a biological necessity, but consistent amounts of it are not guaranteed. I’m sure the above is something you can relate to. If it isn’t, consider me envious.

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Understanding Stem Cells

Stem cells.  We have all heard this term thrown around in pro life campaigns, pro medical research ads, and even at time amongst friends and amongst family.  It is often used in conjunction with discussion of embryo’s etc.  First a differentiation between the two major types of stem cells in mammals must be made.  Adult stem cells vs Embryonic stem cells.  Adult Stem cells are in fact cells that are found in all living organisms that possess the ability to divide and differentiate into many but not all types of cells.  This in fact happens in the human body constantly and is why are bodies are able to replenish all the cells that make it up constantly. Read the rest of this entry