Nathan Shapiro’s Curriculm Vitae

The author is a trained molecular geneticist and marine biologist who studies Neurophysiology and natural products organic chemistry through the California State University East Bay.  They have worked in several pharmaceuticals over the years.  For questions please email  Thanks for reading!!!


The Absolute Structure of Ptilosarcenone, 2(C24H29C1O8).5(H2O), a Diterpenoid Briarane from the Orange Sea Pen Ptilosarcus gurneyi (Gray).  Nurco, D.J., Conklin, D.E., Shapiro, N.S.  Tran E., Acta Cryst. (2011). E67, o181-o182


•Experience with SOP’s, cGMP and GLP

•5 years of Biochemistry training including protein and hematology/ coagulation assays

•Operation of Quiagen 3000 DNA extraction liquid handling bio‑robot

•Perform protein crystallography and small molecule X-ray crystallography

•Demonstrated competency in chemical storage and dispensation, measurement procedures, micropipette use, how to prepare gels for electrophoresis, function of buffers, PCR set up and analysis.

•Understand and maintain aseptic conditions

•Use of GC/Mass Spectroscopy

•Use of High Performance Liquid Chromotography

•Disposal of Toxic materials

•Use of the Beckman Coulter Advance Coagulation Analyzer as well as the MLA 1600

•Use of the Hamilton Micro-STARlet automated liquid handler

•Preparation of molarity solutions and buffer solutions

•Understand and demonstrate proper agar preparation, pouring plates, and inoculation

•Knowledge of microscope techniques, incubators, water baths, micro centrifuges,

•Perform transformation, electrophoresis of DNA and Proteins

•Perform ELISA, double diffusion assay

•Spectrophotometer, fluorimeter, pH meter, calibration of scales and pH meter

•Work with Analytical and Preparative HPLC, -80°C freezers, Traxis Scanner

•Execution of TLC column and compound extraction

•Perform chemical distillation, PAGE assays and bacterial culture growth


M.S. Interdisciplinary Studies in NeuroPhysiology, Organic Chemistry (completion expected in 2011)

California State University East Bay

B. S. Biotechnology (Molecular Genetics/Biochemistry), 8/2006.

University California, Davis

Graduated on the Dean’s List


Contra Costa County Office of Education, Career Development

ROP Biotechnology, ROP Computer Art and Animation

University of California Davis, Office of Environmental Health and Safety

Chemical Laboratory Safety, Animal Care and Handling 101


Member, National Scholars Honor Society

Eagle Scout with two palms

President’s Education Award

UC Davis Leadership Scholarship

UC Davis Science Department Scholarship

Golden State Test Scholar


C.O.A.S.T Grant 2009

SICB Grant 2009

Graduate Students in need of Aid Grant 2010.


Society of Comparative Biology Member 2010.

International Society of Toxinologists 2010.

Alchemy Club at California State University East Bay

Founder and President, UC Davis Student Aquarist Society

Founder and President, UC Davis Marine Biology Club

Member, UC Davis Biotechnology Club

Member, of UC Davis Fencing Club

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