i-Limb: Lend A Hand (Artificial hands and arms)

Today’s post is about the artificial hand the i-limb.  This product has become so lifelike its amazing. People are now able to control the limb almost as though it were the real deal, with far less wires and far less problems.  Also the hands articulation is top notch allowing for all sorts of normal movements that previous claw type artificial limbs could only dream of achieving.  This product is incredibly expensive however, and as far as I’ve found is basically limited to military uses.  I did read that the limb had to be toned down due to it being far to strong.  Pretty cool eh?  The company that makes it is Touch Bionics which looks like its based out of Spain,  I have added their website to the links on the side mostly just cause its so awesome.  Check out some http://www.youtube.com videos of this thing in action!!! Also their living skin products are amazing as well.  The stuff of sci-fi movies come to life, this company is far ahead in cutting edge technology.


Check out the youtube video here :

Some other advances have come in the shape of artificial skin.  This skin which fits over the prosthetic looks an feels and acts like real skin.  Its pretty incredible to see.  Take a look below at this picture

Look at the Darpa Artifical arm with skin!

All in all I’d say the future of bionic limbs is coming along swimmingly.  I’m curious to see  if advanced technology plus a competitive market will lower the prices on these guys.  Hopefully they can work on some of the articulation of the thumbs and some of the neurological processing.  This company has developed a wheel chair that can be controlled by thoughts:

Also seems pretty cool.

Here’s an interesting schematic on how bionic limbs work.  They don’t look to pretty just yet huh?


A company in germany known as Fiesto-AG have developed this arm which works using 33 artificial muscles and actual metalic articulated bones.  The muscles are pneumatically controlled.  Looks pretty awesome right?  Still needs some kinks worked out to get the arm to have the same type of motion as a real arm.  I think were looking at a few years but then bionic arms here we come!!

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