New Earthquake Proof Bay Bridge Designs.

            The James Rolph Bridge, (locally known as the San Francisco Bay Bridge)  As many of you know, has been structurally unsound for years.  Infact, some people stipulate that the bridge could collaps at any given moment.  There’s something to think about next time you take a trip down it!  The California Department of Transportation (CALTRANs) has recently posted a video on the design of the new James Rolph Bridge.  This video discusses the steps they have taken to prevent the bridge from collapsing during an earthquake.
            The Bay Bridge actually has one of the longest spans in the world and carries roughly 300,000 cars back and forth between San Francisco and Oakland every day.  It first opened in 1936, six months before the Golden Gate Bridge!!!  Originally cars traveled on the top layer and ONLY trains and trucks were allowed on the bottom level.  Also people had to pay toll going in BOTH directions!

Here are some pictures of the bridge back when it was under construction and how it looks today:


An Arial Shot of The Newly Completed Bridge


Workers Attaching Cables Workers hang Suspension Cables



Workers hang Suspension Cables

Watch the below video for a great explanation of how the new bridge will attempt to be much more structurally sound than its current predecesor: (IF THE VIDEO DOESN”T WORK GO TO

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